Like many great inventions, the Tyre Glider was born predominately out of frustration. Our founder
was frustrated by how difficult, time-consuming and energy-intensive changing a tight-fitting tyre was
and knew there must be a more efficient solution. While tyre levers currently exist on the market,
they are often easily broken and require a cyclist to rely on their thumbs to change a tyre, which can
be painful and isn’t inclusive.
Whilst walking on a mountain in the rain, our founder had a true eureka moment and the Tyre Glider
was born. He noticed a gap in the market for a tyre tool with a wide scoop design that clipped onto a
tyre for easier and faster tyre installations. This, however, was just the start of the journey to create
the Tyre Glider.



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After this initial idea, the Tyre Glider design was refined, tested and perfected. We decided to use recycled plastic not only for its superior strength and durability, but to ensure we were creating a
sustainable product that had a minimal environmental impact. Our team also wanted the tool to be universal, so cyclists who enjoyed road and mountain bikes could simply use one tool that fitted all tyre widths and was safe for all types of rims.

No matter what cycling discipline you favour, our tool can help you tackle the tightest of tyres with ease. Our patent-pending design also guarantees no pinching of tubes, so changing your tyre will be
an effortless and straightforward process. We believed it was essential that the tool is small and compact so cyclists can easily take it with them without it being a large or heavy burden. Our final
product is lightweight and small, without compromising its strength and integrity.


Tyre Glider bottom view | Bike Tyre Changing Device
Left side view of the Tyre Glider | Bicycle Tyre Changing Tool

Simpler Cycling Maintenance

As a company, our mission is simple, make cycling maintenance easier and quicker for cyclists worldwide. Our founder created the Tyre Glider when he was a road cycling novice and wanted to ensure his tool would be able to be used and appreciated by experienced and beginner cyclists alike. After all, maintenance should be easy and efficient for all cyclists, no matter their skill level. Our team isn’t afraid to break boundaries or ruffle a few feathers. We are confident our product delivers ease and speed that no other tool on the market can provide. We’re proud of the contribution we have made to the evolution of bike tools.


Passionate and Professional

Our team are always looking for new ways to revolutionise bike maintenance. We are confident the Tyre Glider will not be our only eureka moment. Our team ethos is built on foundations of transparency, dedication and support. If you have a question about the Tyre Glider, we are more than happy to answer any queries you have. From providing demos to discussing how frequently you should be maintaining your tyres, we love sharing our expertise and experiences with clients.

Tyre Glider front facing | Bike Tyre Changing Tools



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