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Introducing Tyre Glider, a new tool to change bike tyres – Features – BikeBiz

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Tyre Glider
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 by Ben Lee
Can Fit Carbon Rims

Have been riding bike and obviously fixing flat since the 80's. Seen many products come and go that claim to make tire changing easier. This one actually works. Not just works, but brilliantly.
For carbon rims, I just cut the ledge with an x-acto knife to widen the clip. Easy to cut. Took 5 minutes. With the cut, it may not interlock with the return lip on the rim anymore, but still way better than traditional levers.

 by Doug Carroll
Fantastic Tool

I just had a flat on my rear wheel.

I was apprehensive because I had struggled to mount the continental gp 5000 tires when I bought them. Several pinched tubes, lots of swearing, etc. I was wondering what I was going to do if I had a flat. I figured the chances of getting the tire back on without pinching the tube were close to zero.

Luckily I saw a recommendation for the tyre glider, purchased it and kept it in my bike bag.

Took it out today and got the tire unmounted. the new tube in, and zipped the glider around to get the tire mounted. No muss, no fuss, and no pinched tube! Can't thank you enough for a great product. Think I'll buy another!

 by Nickk
It works!

Much better than tyre levers. Quick and very easy to use even on a tight and chunky MTB tyre.

 by Martin mason

Total game changer no more worries about flats on the road tyre changed in minutes best ever buy for the bikes

 by John Hitchman

I borrowed a bike from a friend and managed to get a flat trying to swap tyres. While I pride myself on my puncture repair skills, I use quick road tyres that are quite flexible. I could not get my friend's Schwalbe Marathon tyre back on, I squeezed and stretched and eventually gave up. Enter Tyreglider: I watched a quick video and within a minute had the tyre on. The tool does all the hard work your fingers and thumbs used to and in the case of tougher tyres I'd imagine it's essential. Works great as a standard tyre iron too, so I've replaced mine with this. High recommended.

Game changer

Tyre Glider game changer. it's a joy not a drudge to change a tyre on my road bike now.haveing arthritis in both my wrists with tyre Glider I have hardly any discomfort during a tyre change .a must for any cyclist to have.Highly recommend to fellow cyclist's 👍🚴

 by Mike Paddick

Fitting the new tyre was an absolute joy with TG and made it a lot easier and eliminated the problem of pinching and puncturing the new tube which I have done in the past when using traditional tyre levers.

All in all, I will recommend TG to my friends (in fact I already have). I’ll almost certainly be buying a second one for my other bike. The bike I used it on this time is a tandem and I do need to replace the other tube & tyre on it before we use it again.

 by Peter
Tyre glider

This is the seconded tyre glider purchased for my other bike. I got it because I have found them quick and easy to use, unfortunately the first time I needed this one it broke, I was still able to use it to mount the tire but I now need to order a third one

 by Kim Finlayson

Excellent tool cannot recommend this tool enough l have bought 4 of them

 by Dennis Wolfers

I love this weird looking thing!

I dread removing and re-installing the tire on my unicycle, and I have to do so frequently in order to even-out the wear. Inevitably, I would end up with a few minor injuries, and major frustration.

My first attempt to use the Tyre Glider was, by far, the best experience I've ever had with the process! Assuming this bit of kit is as durable as it is brilliant, I will be a happy customer indeed.

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