How To Use

Another great explanation below from Vanguard Cycles on how to easily change your tight tyres with TyreGlider

How to remove a tyre?

  • Push in the Tyre bead in to create a gap.
  • Position Tyre Glider in the gap and then ‘scoop’ the lip fully under the bead.
  • Lever the Tyre Glider back pulling the bead over the wheel rim.
  • Push in a forward & downward motion to glide the tyre off the rim.

How to install a tyre?

  • Starting at the valve, Clip the Tyre Glider onto the rim.
  • Using your palm push your Tyre Glider forward.
  • The bead will seat itself as you push Tyre Glider around the wheel.

How to remove tight fitting Tyres?

  • Follow the above steps first.
  • Start opposite Tyre Glider and pinch bead in around the wheel towards your Tyre Glider.
  • Turn the wheel back to the Tyre Gliders position & push.

How to install a tight tyre?

  • Follow the “install tyre” steps first.
  • When you encounter resistance, stand with the wheel between your legs and use your bodyweight to push down.
  • For really tight fitting tyres, use your thumb to help install the last bit of bead onto the tyre.

Take a look at this demonstration from Jack at R.C.C on how to easily change your tyres with TyreGlider

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