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Tyre Glider
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 by Peter Williams
A Timely Purchase

I received my Tyre Glider on Monday and had to put it to good use on Wednesday when I was on a group vets ride. One of the guys collected a thorn in his GP5000s, it was on a DT Swiss carbon rim and it was one of the tightest tyre/rim combinations I have ever seen. It was impossible to refit, even between the four of us on the ride. So I pulled out my new Tyre Glider and solved the problem in an instant. The recipient of the puncture was so impressed he said he will order one

 by Jonathan
So much better than levers

I've received the updated Tyre Glider and have used it at home changing GP5000 All Seasons and STR tyres. After watching the video, I realised there are a couple of small tricks to using the TG and thanks to that it was a breeze to get the tyres on and off. I've now also used it on the road when a clubmate had a puncture and needed a tube install. Took less than 30 seconds to get the tyre on and off (obviously excluding him taking the wheel off, as well as removing the valve and putting the tube in). It was a piece of cake to be honest, so much so that my clubmate has now ordered one.

 by Paul
Updated glider

Needed the new version for my rims with a wider hook. Fits perfectly and eliminates the risk of damage.

Excellent tool

After 40 years of tyre levers, finally there is a better way. The Glider is light and easy to use. You need to be firm with it to get it under the tyre bead and get the removal going and is still quicker and easier than levers. Re-installing is where it really comes into its own. 20 secs tops, and the tyre is zipped back on, no effort required. Fantastic. Super light, strong, no moving parts. Have recommended to every cyclist i know.

First Time

Watch the video. Fist time on previously (for me) impossible tyre with latex inner tube doddle. Recommended

 by Robert
Tyre Glider

What a fantastic tool, watched 2 videos, and what a doddle. Changed a couple of older ones first, then fitted 2 brand new michelin race clinchers. i now love changing tyres, going to buy another right now.

 by Andy Pealing
Excellent with some tyres

I have just received the Glider. I have tried it on 3 types of tyre. The first was a continental Gatorskin. The Glider worked very well getting the tyre off was easy and also the tyre was very easy to refit. The next was an older conti tyre which was just as easy. I did have problems with a tubeless Mavic tyre however. It was very difficult to get under the bead and took a lot of effort to remove the tyre. I think traditional tyre levers might be better to remove this type of tyre. Re fitting the tyre was an easier thought and would mean no pinching of inner tubes. Overall I am quite impressed.

 by Dave Bosley
Worked a treat!

I've just managed to change a really tight tyre/rim combination with the help of the glider. Great product.

 by Steve Cartlidge

Well I just used it for the first time and I have to say it’s brilliant! What a difference! It got those difficult tyres on with ease 😊

 by James Rose

After watching the latest interview with Ride With Roy, I decided to bite the bullet and get a Tyre Glider.

I have successfully changed over some winter tyres which are very tight on the rims and it took me less than a minute to do each one!

I'm so impressed I have ordered some additional ones for some friends.

Wonderful product made by a genuinely clever man & company. Many thanks

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