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All cyclists will know the frustration, hassle & time it takes to change a punctured tyre.

Tyre Glider is a hand-held tool designed to help change tyres easily, with speed and works for all tyre widths and cycling disciplines.

Whether you’re a keen road cyclist or an aspiring mountain biker, the Tyre Glider is an essential piece of your cycling kit.

Save yourself the stress and hassle of changing a tyre with weak, flimsy tyre levers & switch to Tyre Glider.

Drag the image using your mouse or finger for a 3D view

Drag the image using your mouse or finger for a 3D view

See Tyre Glider in Action

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Tyre Glider

Top Features of Tyre Glider

For Rims Upto 5mm wide

The wide scoop design makes it safe for all types of rims.

Easy To Use

Clips onto the rim of the tyre, ensuring faster and more efficient tyre installations.

Tackles Tight Tyres

Tackle tight tyres with ease and speed.

Strong & Robust

Small and compact in size, but made from incredibly strong and durable plastic.

Long Lasting

Made from recyclable materials and sustainable sources.

User Friendly

Suitable for beginner and experienced cyclists.

What Our Customers Say

Tyre Glider
Tyre Glider works great on normal wheel Rims unforunately my wheels are hookless rims where it does not work, The lip is to large to get under the tyre to remove. Suggest you look at this possibility
- Reg Robinson
February 16, 2024
Just purchased cube reaction e-bike with 29x 2.60 tyres. First attempt to fix puncture with tyre levers ended up with ruined tube and fist to bike shop as couldn’t get tyre back on rim. Saw tyre glider on you tube ordered one with low expectations…….worked a treat, great product,thanks.
- David McArthur
January 27, 2024
Just mega! You need in your cycling life!
I have now used on mine and friends wheels for tyre replacements and puncture repairs. Once you are used to the knack of using you can have a wheel out and tube in within a few minutes. It really is that good even on GP5000 tyres. I purchased from a recommendation from a friend but now have now purchased more for friends as I am that impressed.
- Geoff Cook
December 18, 2023
Updated glider
Needed the new version for my rims with a wider hook. Fits perfectly and eliminates the risk of damage.
- Paul
September 12, 2023
First Time
Watch the video. Fist time on previously (for me) impossible tyre with latex inner tube doddle. Recommended
- Simon Teavis johnson
August 28, 2023
Tyre Glider
What a fantastic tool, watched 2 videos, and what a doddle. Changed a couple of older ones first, then fitted 2 brand new michelin race clinchers. i now love changing tyres, going to buy another right now.
- Robert
August 25, 2023
Worked a treat!
I've just managed to change a really tight tyre/rim combination with the help of the glider. Great product. Thanks!
- Dave Bosley
July 31, 2023
Well I just used it for the first time and I have to say it’s brilliant! What a difference! It got those difficult tyres on with ease 😊
- Steve Cartlidge
July 17, 2023

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