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Any keen cyclist will know how frustrating it can be to change a tight-fitting tyre. Trying to change a
tyre manually by hand not only requires a lot of strength, but it can also damage the rim of the tyre
and take an extensive amount of time.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Meet the Tyre Glider, an evolution of the tyre lever.
The Tyre Glider is a hand-held tyre tool that changes a tyre in seconds, rather than minutes. The
Tyre Glider is the next step in evolution for tyre levers and works for all tyre widths and cycling
disciplines, including mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel, etc.

Whether you’re a keen road cyclist or an aspiring mountain biker, the Tyre Glider will be an essential
piece of your cycling kit that you won’t want to complete bike maintenance without. Save yourself
the stress and hassle of attempting to change a tyre by hand or using a weak, flimsy tyre lever with
the Tyre Glider.


The Tyre Glider is already starting to attract many cycling professionals and enthusiasts giving it rave reviews. please check out the latest video review from, “Ride With Roy

Convinced! Then head off to our store to purchase this revolutionary product which will change your tyre changing experience forever ! No more hassle, no more stress! 


Safe for most types of rims and tyre widths

The wide scoop design of the tool makes it safe for all types of rims and enables cyclists to easily take their tyres off and on.

Clips securely to tyre

The tool clips onto the rim of the tyre, ensuring faster and more efficient tyre installations. The unique clip design also ensures cyclists no longer have to use their thumbs to remove or replace a tyre, which can be painful and dangerous

Tackles tight tyres

Tackle tight tyres with ease and speed with the Tyre Glider. If you're struggling to remove and install an impossibly tight tyre and often end up with a pinched tube, our no-pinch tool can deliver the results you need.

Strong plastic

Although the Tyre Glider is small and compact in size, it's made from incredibly strong and durable plastic. This ensures you can throw it in a bag and take it with you on off-road cycling adventures without having to worry about the tool becoming damaged or reducing in quality. Even when placed under intense pressure, the tool will not snap.


At Tyre Glider, we're not only passionate about cycling, we're passionate about protecting the world around us. Every tool we create is made from recycled materials and sustainable sources. Enjoy the great outdoors with the help of your Tyre Glider, safe in the knowledge you're helping to protect the environment.


Our product is suitable for beginner and experienced cyclists. No matter how frequently or far you cycle, it's essential you have the tools to properly maintain your bike and care for your tyres.

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